Ancient Syria



Ancient Syria

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  • As French archaeologist André Parrot who discovered Mari said “Every man has two homelands his own and Syria”. Delve into the ancient history of Syria. With over 13 millennia of civilization to explore, enjoy over 150 archaeological and ancient cities in this one of a kind app. A country that has been called the cradle of civilization. A country that boasts having the oldest continuously inhabited capital Damascus. A country that prides itself with an endless list of firsts, like:

    1-Oldest capital: Damascus, 9000 BC.
    2-Oldest city: Aleppo, 8000 BC.
    3-Oldest painting: Djede al-Mughara, 9000 BC.
    4-Oldest camel bones: El Kowm, 100,000 BC.
    5-Oldest alphabet: Ugarit, 1,400 BC.
    6-Oldest cultivated seeds: Tell Abu Hureyra, 11,000 BC.
    7-Oldest depiction of Jesus: Dura-Europos, 235 AD.
    8-First Christian King: King Abgar IX of Edessa, 206 AD.
    9-First university: School of Nisbis, 350 AD.
    10-First time a follower of Jesus was called Christian: Antioch, 1st century AD.
    11-First musical note: Ugarit, 1,400 BC.
    12-Oldest church: Virgin Mary’s belt church, Homs 59 AD.
    13-Oldest discovered bricks: Tell Aswad, 7500 BC.
    14-First house: Tell Mureybet, 9500 BC.

    Many other claimed firsts, such as glass making, oil and wine pressing as well. Beautiful carousel layout (or grid layout can be chosen from the settings) with zoomable pictures, a brief history and many links (a setting can restrict english sites only) related to every historical place. Various menu options let you jump to a specific period (Miocene, Paleolithic, Epipaleolthic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc.), or by culture (Hurrian, Hittite, Canaanite, Phoenecian, Byzantine, etc.), by location name, or by nearby city for a site or by governate or even by picture type (ex. church, sarcophagus, cave, skull, jewellery, column , etc.). A share button is provided to share the link for the app and for sharing the source links with your friends as well to share the knowledge.

    Hundreds of sources were used and countless hours were spent on this colossal effort for the education and pleasure of any history or knowledge loving person. FadiSoft icon on credits page lists all apps by FadiSoft (IOS version).

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