Caliphates Encyclopedia



Caliphates Encyclopedia

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  • Delve into the Islamic world history. A full list of Caliphs that spans over thirteen centuries.

    Powerful listing options include:
    Browse by by name, by period, by capital, shortest/longest term, oldest/youngest elected, shortest/longest lived, abdicated, deposed, assassinated, or list all. A share button on the main screeen lets you share the app’s website so your friends can install it too.

    A statistics option as well for by period, and by capital.

    Sort options by Name, Capital, Order, Term Length, Age Elected, Age at death.

    A details view is provided for every caliph, with a more button to view a more complete profile on the web.

    With over a hundred caliphs over 13 centuries, including the Rashidi, Umayyad, Abbasid, and Ottoman periods, it’s a great tool for all the Islamic history lovers, and any knowledge loving person. FadiSoft icon on credits page lists all apps by FadiSoft (IOS version).

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