Popes Encyclopedia



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Popes Encyclopedia

YouTube video (by RomeReports.com)

YouTube video (IOS version)

YouTube video (Android version)

  • Also part of the app bundle History Geography and Math Get it on the AppStore
  • Powerful browsing tool for the full list of Popes in history. A great educational app for all.

    Powerful listing options include:
    Browse by date, by ethnicity, by Papal Name, by religious order, by sainthood status, Popes who resigned, or list all.
    A powerful statistics option as well that includes stats for ethnicity, name, religious order, saints, shortest/longest reign, youngest/oldest elected, shortest/longest lived, most elected, year with most popes.

    Sort options by Papacy Date, Name, Ethnicity, Continent, Papacy Length, Age Elected, Age at death, religious order, feast day.

    A details view is provided for every Pope, with a more button to view a more complete profile on the web.

    Touch the cross to launch the main menu. A great tool for all the religious, historians and any knowledge loving person. FadiSoft icon on credits page lists all apps by FadiSoft (IOS version).

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        • Just saw the crash report you sent and fixed it and released an update with the following release statement “Fixed a potential crash issue while openning the database file, thanks to the crash report from a user with a NOOK® HD+ device running on 4.0.3 – 4.0.4.”. Please update and let me know if you still have issues. Many apologies for the inconvenience, my app supports over 6700 devices.

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