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Houses is a new twist to the classical dots and lines game. Basically join the adjacent vertical and horizontal lines on the board with lines by clicking between the adjacent dots. If you close a square you get a free turn.

The new twist is that the lines are fences and the closed squares are houses. You earn coins by building fences and houses, you earn extra coins by building double-houses (closing two squares with one fence).

– A shop is provided, to buy different fences and houses. There are houses from every culture.
– The board settings let you specify the terrain and the board size.
– The game is time-based with a score.
– 4 Levels of AI for computer opponent’s difficulty.
– Awards and secret features that can be unlocked. There are around a 100 awards.
– Optional in-app purchase to buy more coins.

Awards can be obtained in many ways, when the award is not yet obtained, a hint is given in the description of the award. Some awards are hidden, some can be earned at the end of the game, and some while shopping.

The game is configurable, the board terrain can be specified, along with computer’s difficulty, who starts, and the size of the board.

Many secrets can be unlocked during the game:
-board sizes
-background music.

FadiSoft icon on credits page lists all apps by FadiSoft (IOS version).

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